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Staple showcases fonts, graphic and web design assets from award-winning creators.

We believe that good design is the sum of quality parts. Which is why we’ve curated a collection of  versatile design products for you to use as a foundation for your next project. No more sifting through reams of assets to download, only to find that they’re poorly assembled or difficult to edit. We’ve vetted all of our assets to ensure that your design flow is simple and streamlined.

At Staple it’s our mission to inspire and give back to the design community that we’ve been a part of for the last 20 years. To help designers to create, to learn and to collaborate with each other. To keep Staple running we take a small commission from each product on our store, ensuring that the majority of the money stays in the hands of the designer who created it.

We hope that you find our products helpful and that they can serve as building blocks for your next design project.

If you have questions, want to have your designs featured on our store or are up for a yarn with some fellow creatives - get in touch.

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