If you're anything like us, we're always checking in to see what new Google fonts are being dropped as there have been some great ones lately by reputable foundries. Here are our top free sans-serif Google font picks for 2021. 


Outfit Font

Designed by: On Brand Investments Pty Ltd, Rodrigo Fuenzalida
Similar to: Publica Sans

Download Outift


Urbanist Font

Designed by: Corey Hu
Similar to: Century Gothic

Download Urbanist


Epilogue Font

Designed by: Tyler Finck, ETC
Similar to: Neuzeit Grotesk

Download Epilogue


Lexend Font

Designed by: Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Thomas Jockin, Santiago Orozco, Héctor Gómez, Superunion
Similar to: Proxima Nova

Download Lexend

Sulphur Point 

Sulphur Point

Designed by: Dale Sattler
Similar to: ITC Bauhaus

Download Sulphur Point

Readex Pro 


Designed by: Thomas Jockin, Nadine Chahine, Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Santiago Orozco, Héctor Gómez
Similar to: Proxima Nova

Download Readex Pro


Jost Font

Designed by: Owen Earl
Similar to: Century Gothic

Download Jost